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Enxine is a modern company, formed by a group of professionals specialized in product development within the ICT sector. We have acquired strong experience in the sector and a special sensitivity to the end consumer. Above all, we realized the excellent working group that we were, and how we could exploit the strengths of each of us, and as a team, deal with much more exciting projects.

What does Enxine mean?

It comes from the word engine but also playing with the idea of enxeñería which means engineering in Galician (our mother tongue)

Meet the team

Luis A. Sestelo


A small hidden pleasure

Going places by train to get time to read.

The best advice you can give

Success can be reached with effort... and being passionate with what you do!

What would you like to do on the weekend?

Enjoying the company of my son Luis and my wife Lorena.

A book that has touched you

Good to Great by Jim Collins

A tireless entrepreneur and founder of multiple projects belonging to the IT sector who is always looking for a balance between his two great passions: business management and technology. When it comes time to take executive or financial decisions Luis is the right person, as he showed leading important companies as Gradiant or Coremain. Committed with our sector, he is always prepared to share his knowledge with promising startups, coaching them in a efficient way. But, it is his excellent strategic view and negotiation skills what make him invaluable for Enxine as advisor.

Álex Ferreirós

SW Design Engineer and UX Designer

A random fact about you

When I think of a joke, I laugh first before telling others.

A small hidden pleasure

Emptying the pockets and take off my shoes when I got home.

A song that activates you

To run The Pretender, Foo Fighters. To work, I admit that I get a rush every time I hear Give Me the Night by George Benson .

Something you take to a desert island

An mp3 player full of good music, a fridge full of Red Bulls and a good pair of running shoes.

Telecommunications Engineer specializing in software development. On the one hand he is an expert in architecture and information processing, but his passion for design has led him to also get extensive experience in the fields of usability and interface design. All this combined with his creativity ensures outstanding user experience on all products we develop.

Marcos Romay

HW Design Engineer

A random fact about you

I like to find out why of all things.

A good slogan to go through life

"No wind is favorable for those who do not know where they go" (Seneca)

The game that most have you hooked

The game that has hooked me more was Supaplex. I spent many hours competing against my mother to see who finish the game first.

Something you take to a desert island

An inflatable mattress.

Telecommunications Engineer specialized in designing electronic devices. With a long experience in the field of consumer electronics he is in charge of designing the hardware of our products and make their production is possible in both short and large runs. Ever alert for the most advanced platforms, achieving maximum performance and interconnectivity, but above all, the optimal cost for the devices we develop.

José Antonio Martínez

SW Design Engineer

A hidden talent

I can remember, even without trying, the license plate numbers of my acquaintances. It was more excessive when I was young though.

A good slogan to go through life

Life is not about waiting the storm ceases but learning to dance in the rain.

What would you like to do on the weekend?

Playing sports (football, mountain bike, tennis) but also have a drink with my old friends.

A movie that you've laughed

Woody Allen's or Billy Wilder's comedies.

Telecommunications engineer specialized in software development. He is an expert on embedded systems and he is not afraid of the challenges these devices use to offer. His experience is key for the team. Always with an eye in the reliability of our projects, he has an instinct for detecting and fixing any issue quick which lets us offer in our products a high degree quality standards.

Iago Loureiro

SW Design Enginner

A random fact about you

When I tell a story that excites me, it is anything but linear.

The best advice you can give

Questioning everything to yourself is very positive but you shouldn't let that block you.

The game that most have you hooked

Kung Fu for NES.

Something you take to a desert island

A friend.

Computer Engineer specialized in embedded software. It provides the team with a great capacity when designing effective solutions to challenges of any nature. He has a great passion for the layers closest to the hardware, and that is where he feels really comfortable, working directly on any type of electronic device. He is an active member of the maker community and also has knowledge of 3D modeling and printing, which strengthens his versatility when designing agile prototypes.

We like

Using the latest technologies

Making it nice and attractive

Working with the best

We do not like

Reinventing the wheel

The fact that research does not reach users

So much rain in Galicia

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